Zoey and Rochelle in a cat fight.

And they will have make up sex later on. Stay tuned


How did her pants get ripped… O_O

Zoey teeth.

I always thought black women were stronger.

That skin is terrible. You can still see the normal maps of the jeans on her skin so it looks like she has random stitching and ridges and a saggy old-woman arse.

It’s even worse up close. Just wanted to use it once in a fight. Didn’t work out to well I admit.

Is Zoey gonna have to choke a bitch?

Rochelle’s skin doesn’t look good like Chesty said.
Rated funny

That, or the lines on her thighs are swivel joints…
Rochelle is a giant action figure. :razz:

Rochelle do in deed look like a giant action figure:smile: Terrible skin. It no longer has residence on my hd.

You should have had Rochelle blowing off Zoey’s head with her boot.

Nah. Would ruin the makeup sex later.

then Max from Dark Angel comes in and she beats the two up.
just like my fantasies. right?

Jessica Alba is doing something completely different in my fantasies, but that’s me:c00l:

Zoey looks pissed.

Terrible skin though. Even if you were trying to make it look like her pants were ripped from the fight it just doesn’t look good.

Look at Rochelle’s fore-head in the 2nd pic, it has words it looks like. Lol.

It’s pretty stupid but the comment you made after it made me lol

+1 funny

It says looser.


I didn’t make the skin. Found it on FPBanana.

you frighten yet arouse me like butthurter.

Alright, cool.