Zoey and Witch Bikini models

I like to request a zoey and witch in bikini.
It should be cool if they also have bodygroups ,
so you can make them topless or fully nude.
I like to see something like this:

But then better quality.
It is awesome if you may use the nude witch model or the
(WIP) Fully nude zoey by nahka (without shoes i hope),
and just give these models bikinis and bodygroups.

is that witch on steroids?

Aren’t all Witches on steroids? They can incapacitate/kill Survivors just by poking them with their claws.

Also, I support this request, I’d love to see this done, but with Zoey in her jeans and the bikini top. Bikini Witch is fine the way she is. :smug:

Maybe that can be done in the bodygroups


Interesting idea.
Why does Zoey have a magazine with Bill on it?

It’s a parody ad for the “40 Year Old Virgin” film.

I was thinking this was related to the boat full of witches from the comic…

Skull Bikini for the witch? I’m in. Now all we need are the others wearing their Beach-Stuff. And it’d be Left 4 Holiday. :razz:

That would be cool, all the left 4 dead models in shorts/bikini’s whatever? And in different styles? :smiley: nice idea lmao and who drew that …? It’s really good :slight_smile:

Wow…just wow… >.>

Why the people think that the witch is sexy? is a fuckin monster, dude!

Say you’re the last man on Earth who hasn’t been infected. Would you rather fuck the Witch, the Spitter, or the Boomette?

Why do that, and yes, make both, the witch from that picture, and the comic as well.

What else are you going to have sex with to relieve tension in a Zombie Apocalypse and to have a shot at repopulating the Earth even though all women are dead/Infected? :jerkbag:

Have you even played L4D? Have you SEEN what the Witch does to you? There is no way I am letting one of those things near my penis.

Would you rather have it burned off slowly (Spitter) or covered in puke and then have your sex partner explode as soon as you touched her? (Boomette) And of course I’ve played Left 4 Dead, it’s on my Steam games list.

Given a choice between a boomer, a spitter, and a witch, I choose my left hand.

i choose common infected (if i was immune)

I choose Zoey.

God damn, that’s a difficult choice.