Zoey as an Alyx replacement

** Questions and Answers:**

**Q: **Why would Zoey be in the half-life 2 series? It doesn’t make any sense.

**A: **It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to look good.

** Q: **That’s just dumb.

**A: **Then don’t even bother to post a comment.

Q: Who do you think will do that? No one …

**A: **At least we try! I’m sure someone can do it. All we need is motivation


**Aren’t you bored of the old Alyx? Don’t you want something better than the Zelda or Samus or any other replacements? Don’t you want the cute little girl from L4D? I mean, here are some comparison pics:


Alyx (left) Zoey (right)

Of course, many of you would prefer Alyx over Zoey … but let’s give Zoey a chance. Only then shall you see the differrence!

With this thread, I am requesting Zoey as an Alyx replacement.

Well, not only would this also be interesting to me, but I’d be suprised if it hasn’t already been done. I’m also too lazy to check :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I know porting Zoey or any other survivors from L4D and making them into players/NPCs breaks there necks. This guy Techknown made a CSS rigged Zoey which looks proper when made a Gmod player but as a Alyx replacement it looks stupid. Her eyes seem weird, her body looks squished, and since CSS models have no facposing nether does Zoey

she looks fat

Her bump maps look all fucked up too.

Jesus Christ …

Wow epic fail. The Source’s shader engine was reworked for L4D, so a direct port like this won’t work. Will need a lot of work.

i could work on it

No fucking shit. That’s what he’s asking to be done. And all this would need is re-rigging which is far from “a lot of work”. Although that might break faceposing, but I think it’s possible to do it without breaking that.

I think she’s just really, really uncomfortable being around a zombie slaying, ginger mute.

Then do it :smiley:


dammit dont conplan or i wont do it plus her shape is a t im working on it

Work on it now! I’d like someone to replace the Alyx in garry’s mod to Zoey too

How many pages did you go through to find this?