Zoey at the dawn of a new day

Idk… :slight_smile:


original: http://filesmelt.com/Imagehosting/pics/087805b8185da26c86a2a2737b00304e.jpg
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lol Deer.





Everyone Get out! I need to… Bury the Bodies! …yeah…

Oh deer!

The fog looks a little weird.

Lol Deer. Good Eats dem deer are.

Nice editing and posing.

It looks like it’s about 10:30 in the morning but Epic Picture you got thar matey’!

I don’t like the combo of bloom and fog.

Thanks, and the photoshop resat itself D:< and it was acting like a dick, it wouldnt let me blur the goddamn layers… But ah well

The Title Reminds me Of “Anne are you Walking” Smooth Crinimal for some odd Reason**.**
I like using random bold.

She looks too angry :frowning:

She got Zombie blood :gibs: on her New Glass Boots :quagmire:




I think Facepunch is Finally getting to me.


Also the title reminds me of

Great posing and the lighting is nice too. You don’t have to put fog in every damn picture you make though, you know?

Yeah the reason my editing is off is because my photoshop got reset, so I have to set it up how I like to have my stuff and etc, and it was also acting like a dick, smudge/blur didnt work… like almost at all. I had to motion blur it both ways to get a blur. And the burn tool made everything pitch black if I just clicked on it :v:

Random fog is random.

[sp]she farted[/sp] :v:

Careful, there’s deer around here.