Zoey babysitting Ellis.

Or trying to at least.



As I said on steam a second ago:

Alberta Ben: lol what the hell

Why is Zoey chasing him with HUNTING RIFLE

He’s Ellis, that’s reason enough :slight_smile:

It’s fucking L4D, man.

There’s zombies about.

Durr it’s hunting season, and she’s huntin’ for Whellis.

Ellis is just having a good time!

She’s hunting for crocs,mate.Ellis wants a pet one or something or just for a dive…

lol ellis is flying

Oh Ellis. :rolleyes:



Fire K: lollll
Fire K: he’s an airplane now

11:03 PM - [MLD] Rex Bosworth: lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol


absurd face posing.

And here I was sure she was going to be blind folded and holding a dildo:)

Well made pic. Pose and expression is spot on. Have a smiley.

Gonna find some horses in the lake.

Murdoco will be the first to get eaten, killed or mauled in a zombie apocalypse.

Love Ellis’ face.