Zoey being hunted by a random Zombie

Well I think its good enough to be on facepunch
C&C plz thx!!!11!


Its a bit too dark, but I love how you can see the tears in her eyes.

Damnit! I failed!
That things arent tears, its a bug.
Somebody know how to improve those strange eyes?

I like it that way.

Thx Hakita :smiley:
But an Eye Fix would be great!

can’t see fucking anything

i can count the pixels on the wall

bizarre lightning that could never happen

Thx for critism.
Agree the wall kinda ruins it.
Maybe its a little bit too dark.
But why do you think the lighting sux?

i didn’t say it sucks

it just makes no sense

Well yeah.
But than I didnt fail :smiley:
Cause I didnt try realism Just wanted to create a good picture with zombies.
Thx for critism!

because you darkened the highlights and now they’re gray
it looks like absolute shit

The highlights arent darkened.
The highlights are Zoey and the Zambee in the background and I guess you can see them.
I dont think it looks like absolutely shit but if this is what you think :l.

Oh hey, its the troll again!

Argh plz no not again.
Dont start a flame war!

We cant, he is banned.

He got what he deserved!

Whatever need moar comments hear!

didn’t darken the highlights?


what do you have to say to this, retard?
it’s obvious you fucked the highlights up, don’t lie to me.

(User was permabanned for this post ("Alt of permabanned user idchopperspro" - verynicelady))

The choice of the map is interesting, using a Terminator themed map for a zombie pose.


Oh hey, an alt!

Okay okay youre right but how the hell is this guy back?

@Hakita The map is great but the place that I took is really dumb.

He made anew account


Hakita you got some tipps or a tutorial how to get the pictures more realistic or atleast a good ligthning tutorial?