"Zoey didnt make it" 3 Weeks after the First Infection

The picture isnt done but I want to know what you guys think so far.


The face looks really weird for some reason.
I like the colours.

Seems like a cool idea. Keep working on it.

Yeah I still dont like her face too.
Just wanted to know what you guys think off it.

By the way The Lightning and background is just a placeholder.

Oh no not Zoey. This means I have to scrap those lesbian poses with her. Damn it:argh:

Really, the idea looks good so far. Finnish this. Looking forward to the final result.

Thanks Rastifan always nice to read a comment from you :smile:
Things I still want to change:
Her Face
Her Hairs

What do you guys think of her skin?

Her arms look fucking skinny… but probably its the theme (Zombie = no fat in ze body)
I like the gray look in her skin but I dont like the greenish thing in her face, also needs more rotting on the face.

Oh and btw, I really like your close ups mate :stuck_out_tongue:


Teeth look cool.

The face looks strange, and what bothers me most is the fact that the original survivors are immune to the infection.

I like the background ^^

Fuck the original Story, this is my L4D :smug:
Yeah her face is still a placeholder but I coudlnt resist releasing the WIP picture.

Yeah and I also redid her teeth,Skin,Arms(so they look very skinny but its still not done), Eyes and her hands.
I love Garrys Mod :smile:

Also Thank you Santz :smiley:

Skin is a bit to gray. Add some residue of human color perhaps. A mix between the two but the gray as the dominant one.

Talking about the color on her hands and neck.

The face is kinda wierd looking, but the hands and such look great.

Well I wanted her to look like a fucked up witch.
Like L4D and L4D2 Smoker
The L4D2 one is fucked up and the L4D one is “normal”.
Wanted to create something like this :smile: but if you dont like it I change it of course.

Thank you for commenting The_J_Hat
Yeah because I still need to do her face skin,lips, nose and hairs. Sorry but like I said I couldnt resist realeasing it.

It’s becoming a wpitter/witch? (the neck looks super long, the head looks like it grew bigger and well, it has witch hands…)

weird :o

Like I said shes becoming a fucked up version of the witch.
And yes.
Its very weird.
I better see a shrink as soon as possible :smug:

Before she was cute little Zoey. Now she is a “it”? Heartless bastards:)

Face stands out too much.


Oh man. oh man. oh man.

You stole my idea!



I like it, a really good idea, hope to see more