Zoey Dress

Zoey Dress bodygrouped.




Hair Fix by TehPwns: http://puu.sh/1OMhq

Credit to: Bloocobalt for the body.

Installation: Extract the zip file into your addons folder.

Enjoy :wink:

Wow nice!

Top hat Good Sir.

That’s coo’

sexy :smiley:

inb4 gm4e complains about the texture size on posing only models

(User was banned for this post ("Meme reply" - Craptasket))

she’s nice !

Well considering that the textures started like this:


gmod4ever should consider letting this one slide. And if not I have the 32x32 source textures that I started with if it’s a real issue.

The textures were way too big for me on this one, but I have a puny amount of video memory, so I had to downscale them a bit just so I can load anything else without Gmod crashing.

I don’t know why, but I was expecting to see usaokay having posted in this with their infamous “Rev up those sex poses” line.:v:

Still though, nice models.

the textures are…what happened here, these need to be remade, DR2 didnt know how to use texture programs.
I mean yes the black dress looks better but the pink dress is, a bit bright with no detail.

This crashes my rig upon trying to spawn it, is there a fix for this?

Probably crashes because the face and hair textures are 4096x4096 and ~65 megs.

If you know how to edit textures, , you can do what I did and extract them with VTFedit, downsize them to like 1024x1024, and reimport them for massive savings.

That’s because she don’t have the same bump map, you can edit the .vmf file to use the same bump map for the two dress if you want more details on the pink one.