Zoey fails to survive a teen slasher flick

"What’s that, my dear? Abdominal pains?"


i dunno

Awesome editing!

Good lord man and she was one of the 5 million pregnant teenagers!
Artistic for you

Perfect B-Movie line! Nice. All he needs now is a hockey mask and lawn equiptment.


Lol, maybe a fun edit. To GMOD!

Awesome editing, nice posing, good choice of map (evne though i was expecting a forest).

Above all, really nice!

The editing is so cool!
Especialy the wound! How the hell did you do it?

Yes teen stomach issues which occurs with crazed killers around. Nice editing and cam angle is spot on. Showering you with an artistic.

Is the shirt made out of flesh or something?

Just guessing, could be photoshop BUT some good noclip, Blood and manhack cuts could make the job (paint tool)

Lol dude.
It cant be photoshop it looks too real.
Hmm but I got an idea how he could have done it.
starts Garrysmod

Creepy. Nice blood.
Camera angle can be improved though; lots of wasted space. You would do good to bring it in closer and use some depth-of-field.

that was really good. nice editing and looks real. Photoshop will do the trick. Artistic for you.

Its called no collide…

Back on topic. Nice picture. Love the blood on the blade.