Zoey finnaly gets to relax.

after the zombie apocalypse, Zoey decided to be a photographer.


Also: Find Francis.

What kind of photographer? :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding…

Nice ass

found him :3

well don’t give it away

Francis is obviously the one whose being photographed can’t you see

found him

He’s in Zoey’s stomach, she’s pregnant

He’s up her ass :smug:

Posing needs work.

Meh, it’s a bit boring

  • Tuck that ass
  • Camera is HUGE and looks retarded
  • Graphics need to be up more
  • A lot of open white space

The space is for people to look for francis in, and i don’t know how to turn AA up, and the ass is intentional

Go to your options + Visual settings + Advanced + Set AA x16 + Apply

willdo, thank you.


also, i have seen people saving In-Game, as a Png, does anyone know how to do that?

bind F5 png


Or maybe they’re just changing the format?

I have no idea how to save your ingames as a PNG… JPG is fine so long as you set jpeg_quality 100.

Also, just in case that turning jpeg quality up to 100 is in the console commands, can you tell me how to do it?


whoops, sorry, i didn’t notice that you meant that.


so, just type that in the console?