Zoey gets electricuted by Ro's lightning hand


This isn’t a bitch fight. This is a witch fight. Rochelle look like some martial art witch. Good job on Zoeys face. She looks like she is in pain.

The electricity has black outlines, I don’t think it should.

It’s magic. Who knows what it is supposed to look like:science:

I wanted an excuse to use sobel, and it turned out ok.

Filter Rape?

Just some toying with the contrast, and brightness, maybe on the lower color panel, raised the blue a little bit, used some sobel, tightened the bloom, your call.

Fried boobs.

I just realized Ro’s shoulder is in a strange position.

Hey! Some people are into that sort of thing so don’t go makin fun of them you jerk!

You can think of it that way.

Should it be a bitch fight? That is just your personal opinion. What you said was either too complex or too simple for me. Thanks for the compliment. I’ve heard that about labor before. Oh I get it. looks like she is in pain.


OK with me too.

“Louis is mine!!”

Pretty awesome, but the sparking ball looks like it should be in front of her hand instead of behind.

But I wanted it to be somewhat like her bracelets were part of the electricity generation.

the sobel looks crappy on the electricity.

Rochelle is doing the HADOUKEN pose

That is a lot of special effects.

I’m gettin 2 things from this picture.
Rochelle is apparently a close relative of Raiden. “FINISH HER”

Ugly edit and zoey is better then rochel or how ever you spell her name.