Zoey Goes Insane, Screwing Around !!!!

Well, this doesn’t really need explanation. C&C is welcomed. I’m not so sure if this looks good so I’m asking you guys out there for some opinion.


The blood doesn’t mainly fit but I loled at Zoey and Bill.

Bill’s beard is glowing brighter than the fucking sun.


Whose cock did she bite off?

Its from Bill. Look how hes posed… It’ll make sense.

Well I barely see him.

Guess that was my fault. I tried to get Francis hand’s into the handcuffs and his hands are huge so yeah, I made that mistake of his hands are covering him. I will try to take a picture from a different angle next time.

I suggest to use some less exquisite weapons than that collector’s dagger whatwasits name…

Sharpen is bad.
So is too much contrast.

He’s reaching critical mass.

Kinky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of this:



what the flying eff?

I didn’t use any sharpen at all. I only used contrast.

Then tone it down. A lot.