Zoey got bitten and turned into a witch

This was supposed to be a test image so it looks a bit crappy.



Needs more neck and green tint on Zoey.

Dem colours. Gotta hate my illness.
Mmh now that you are pointing it out I see that she is missing some parts of her neck!
Gonna pay more attention ingame next time, thanks!

It might be the angle with the neck thing. It just looks like it’s really short and fat.

Zoey is using the witch’s bra?!?

Maybe she ripped it in a fight :buddy:

Omg dont die so fast this was to much work

She looks like she has a “package” in her panties. :v:

Nice screenshot, anyways.

Only one hour has passed lol chill.

Inflator and lighting work is very nice as usual but you should put some more stuff to fill the screenshoot.

Like more Ragdolls/Scenebuild?
Okay gonna add that next time.

Illness? Are you colorblind? :frown:

Not completely.
But instead of red I see pink or orange for example so basically I see alternate colors instead of the original.
Sucks ass when making a muzzleflash and people tell me the flash is green or something like that lol.

Something seems wrong with her skin, it looks opaque but I can’t put my finger on it.

What skin?
Head or Body?

Head and upper right arm.

how did i know that this was by you just buy reading the title… theres a slight color difference between the witch and zoey

Nice, but it lacks red eyes.

Aah yeah I see.
Maybe is like that cause I redid it like 100 times.
Gonna restart from 0 next time before it looks like that.
Thanks for your comments :buddy:

Shit, thats really cool

Would make a nice reskin:buddy:

I’m really sorry for not being constructive, but this does not look good at all. You should’ve spent more time fixing the colors between zoey and the witch. Did you desaturate Zoey at all?.