Zoey has startled the Nemesis... wait a sec, what?


“Shhh… quiet!”


“You don’t want to startle him now, do you?”

Wait, what?



I don’t get it.Explain it to me.

What’s there to get? It’s Zoey with the Nemesis.

OHHHH okay, though there was a joke to laugh at.

The Zoey and Nemesis models dont fit together. Nemesis looks pasted on.

I can see the effort that went into the facepose

nice work!

A girl and her boyfriend ? But looks kinda cool. Especially Zoey’s faceposing. She looks BAD, EVIL Mua-ha-ha-ha (Retard moment)

Nemesis better be careful or Francis will come and kick his ass.

In comes a Super Mutant Overlord and tears the Nemesis a new asshole.