Zoey: "Her Last Breath..." + bonus

This is my first attempt at a Garry’s Mod picture, so be nice!


  • bonus, sorta an inside joke. KE$HA is the spitter, btw <3.

Okay, peace guys!

Weird you posted the main picture so small. Draws attention away.

Anyways, said picture has a nice camera angle and sweet posing but the lighting is really washed out and the colours look messed up.

Better now?

Thank you, and I sorta went for that- since shes dying… losing her colours, and the bright ones showing her effort to hang out… deep ano :confused:

Well I guess with your explanations makes the picture better, but I’m still no fan of the colors. :-/

Awh, that’s such a bummer :frowning:

If this is the case for everyone I’ll make sure my next image is different :slight_smile:

Be nice? BE NICE!? Why should we be nice to you when your picture looks great?

You should have made bill invisible.
then we would have all had a laugh

not really :frown:

Hahaha, should I be threatened and expect bad comments? :stuck_out_tongue:

Awh, don’t worry- I made sure he was the main figure in the image just to show my dedication for him!

Turn down the colormod ( i think that’s what you used).
Looks good everywhere but in Ellis’ fist.

You don’t need to bother making a link to the picture. Just post it in the OP.

I didn’t want to stretch the page.

Looks like Ellis is raping her or something.

this is a pretty cool picture

angle and intensity makes it awesome; also i personally like the lack of color/washed out feeling.

i’d make zoey more dead though. if it weren’t for the title and description, she would just look emo-sad on the floor.

I only like the colors on the first one.

On an unrelated note: I find your avatar strangely arousing.

It’s nice but I advise against construct.

Poor Ellis :frowning:

Ellis, stop raping dead.

Thanks guys. I’ll make sure to avoid construct in the future… (I was just playing in construct then, and had the urge to do a picture, so apologies for that).

Cleavage, <3.

Low-Res Ground

Keep practising buddy