Zoey hiding from killer.


Nice work, very…emotional have some paint!

It’s good- Just maybe if she was covering her mouth or something. :x


Why the crap would she be covering her own mouth?

I think I’d like it more if she was backed up against the counter but okay.

Nothing really to comment on. Not much going on.

It’s alright.

Trying to cover her mouth to muffle her heavy breathing so as to make as little sound as possible. Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie before?

Zoey’s posing should be more tense, though…here she looks like she’s just kinda lying there. Make it look like she’s really afraid or something and backed up against the bottom of the desk.

Other people cover their mouth so they dont scream, but covering your own mouth makes just no sense.

Okay, so she’s covering her mouth so he can’t hear her if/when she screams.

In a situation like that, she should be using her hands for something that isnt retarded.

In a situation like this she would wimper and make some heavy breathing noises

I might just break a rib.

This is even in Jurassic Park…Lol… When she (little girl) sees the Raptors in the reflection of the oven, she covers her mouth cause she knows she’s breathing heavily.

It’s a split reaction thing to add suspense.

Oh and in a situation like that, she is doing what she is doing, which is hiding. So it’s totally appropriate.

Back on topic, though- She does look like she’s just lied there. But still, good picture. Really creepy and emotional o.o…

A sick idea, but love it, next time i’d make her sitting up and covering her mouth.

My thoughts:

  1. Regardless of what seems logical or not, people don’t think logically in high tense situations like hiding from killers.
  2. Doesn’t matter if its accurate as long as it looks appropriate (Hollywood style isn’t accurate, but it’s cool).
  3. I’d imagine doing so would make it less noisy.