Zoey in a Bikini



Expecting a shitty headswap, was very impressed. Well done!


So this would be her in the keys, huh? Wonder where she got the bikini…off a dead witch, I guess.

Was expecting some sort of wannabe Rastifan, but this is great stuff.

It’s good, but she looks really tired having her head down.

Huh, I expected Best Coast. Awesome picture.


Everything except the composition is great.

It’s really nice. I like how you fix and combine different tones of ragdolls.
Overall is pretty good.

Her chin and her right arm are kind of blatantly “eh.” Her elbow looks detached, while her chin is just jagged. Blending could have been better, but I like it over all.

I’m pretty sure if they can find an assortment of conveniently placed weapons and ammo then they could definitely find a bikini, which only a dumbass would bother to take when the zombie apocalypse starts. (So people would’ve left them behind)

My thoughts exactly, when I just read the title but after looking at the picture, that would have been an insult towards this creation.

It’s pretty impressive, especially for a first timer.
However, I might have to let loose a slight bit of critisism:

try to fill up the picture with a couple of well placed props like stones, a surfboard or other crap.
Too much wasted space left and right.
As you pointed out yourself, the proportion are off. Try to deflate bodyparts a tiny bit.
(I can also show you, how to form the elbow in a better shape. :wink:)

With the coloring of the whole picture and the shape of the bikini (which BTW blends in fantasticly), I assume you wanted to create the style of a photography back in the '50s/ early ‘60s. The only thing I gotta’ say about it is that the music doesn’t fit very well but that’s just my opinion. (Like everything else here.)

All in all, a very decent work of yours with alot of potential.

I was going to add surfboards lined up on the sand, but I couldn’t find any surfboard models and I didn’t want to take a random one from google, since I think it’d ruin the whole point of posing in garrys mod and I did enough with adding the bikini.

I’ll try to get proportions done next time. You can see that I played around with the inflator tool to try to get the original bikini model’s proportion done correctly, but I kind of failed.

The picture was based off of polaroids and the Best Coast album cover.

My original idea was to crop off at the leg and be more focused on the left of the image, add some elements like a campfire, bbq, tent, surfboard, but then I couldn’t find any models for those and the image would be far too small if I cropped it, so I left it like that.

I wanted a product similar to this polaroid picture on google.[media]http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3473/3770027770_ee96f98710.jpg

But I just couldn’t get the composition right.
It just reminded me of a nostalgic San Diego.

Her neck and chin weren’t manipulated at all. I didn’t cut out her head, but the head and neck to keep it from looking unrealistically bad. Maybe it’s just the low anti-alias I chose.