Zoey in her happy place. [scenebuild]

Had to fill a lot of space.

dis where she masturbate.


Looks great reminds me of that scene in happy gilmore


That ain’t her sex face, this is.

uh girls don’t have penises


they have vaginas

Rated Informative.

Well well Sottalytober. This was a bit different. I like. Wish I had a happy place to go to when my inner demons starts tearing at my soul and demanding blood… more blood… always more blood…

Uh? Oh!.. Have arty.


He is sexing her belly button?

Do I see open clipping behind the sun flowers?

Beside of the heavy blur not that bad.

I’ve seen it before and oh lordy do I wish I hadn’t.


I used the blur to hide some of the open landscape because of how much area I had to scenebuild. I probably should’ve used less but meh.

Looks cool and peaceful.