Zoey in her period and muzzle smoke question.

Hi guys. LISTEN UP!

Anyone of you good with muzzle smoke? I made this pic as a training exercise. I tried and tried and every time it looks weird and unnatural. I am so sick of wrestling with Gimp. If you find the time to edit in some good smoke, I can get an impression of how it’s done.

Remember! Zoey have just fired her gun. Honest C&C welcome as always.


Francis has been posed awkwardly.
Zoey looks strange standing there at a slant.
Zoey’s face makes her look as though her head has caved in on the right side of her face.
The person at the counter look stupid.

Bill’s pose looks spot on, like he knows Zoey shoots people a lot, and he doesn’t care anymore. Which I like :smiley:
Person behind the counter looks like they’re giving a pretty natural reaction.

When I make muzzle smoke I use airbrush very lightly, about 3 tones (white, light grey, dark grey. Black depending on the lighting in the pose) and then smudge it. I’m not the best guy on the forums though, so while I’m pleased with what I come up with, there is probably a better way to do it.

Thanks for the tip Memobot. In Gimp I only use one greytone. One thick line which I run gaussian blur and iwarp on. It looks like smoke, just not muzzle smoke.

Heres a tutorial if you havent read it yet, ive been using it as I just got GMod and am posting really bad screenshots.


lol louis looks like a retard, and the person in front of the counter looks like shes loling :slight_smile:

I love it :slight_smile:

Hmm don’t know really. Sort of muzzle smoke. Improved the posing and facial.


Smoke is too solid.

Yes I see. Must find a way to solve it. Base idea is good enough I think. I will learn this sooner or later:) Thanks for bothering to answer everyone.

lol @ Francis.

Thta’s good, but it looks like you’ve either used paintbrush instead or airbrush, or you’ve smudged it too much. Not a bad improvement though :slight_smile:


I downloaded some Smoke Brushes off Deviant Art, and set the colors to my liking. It’s simple like that, without having to go through all that manual stuff.

Ah that’s how it’s done. Way better than my attempt.