Zoey In Her Underwear

i made another thread just like this one, asking for Ellis in his Underwear, and now it has been done, i can ask for something that i dont have to feel gay about

Can someone please create a Zoey Ragdoll (for gmod, duh) in her underWear?
also, can somone start a thread possibly for all the left 4 dead survivors in there underwear? (its better then being naked, right?..guys?)

I Support this a lot. :buddy:

we know you do, minimole



Once the nude Zoey is released, I’ll see if I can edit some stuff back onto her - it’s easier that way than starting from the default clothed model.

There already is one well she still has bits of ripped clothes on her.

Yeah, I know, but since the fully-nude one comes out this weekend, why not wait? I still have other projects to finish up.


cause i like posing people in erotic posses as much as the next guy, but there is porn EVERYWHERE, Garrys new even had to close the sex pose mega thread because GOD knows what would have been posted on it if he hadn’t

thanks. this is 2011 and we pretty much know everything you just said, and you’re quite late about it.

uuh what do you mean?


Clear enough?

And why would anyone care if*** THEY DIDNT ALREADY GO THERE?***

ooooh, ok, i think i get it know

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im simply saying, no where on the internet is safe from porn

How the fuck did you not get the other guys post?

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Just askin’.


I mean, I don’t support porn but honestly? If you don’t like it then just stay the fuck out of that section, like I do.

true, true…

Let us make children together.

sooo fella’s, any progress? that is if anyone did start on the ragdoll

Nude Zoey has been released, and there are bodygroups of her that you can change so she’s wearing a red bikini, if that’s good enough for you.

Nude Zoey download:
Bodygroup Tool download:

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You can thank our good friend Nahka for this model.

The thread is a few months old, it’s probably been abandoned. It’s generally against the rules here to bump dead threads
Just thought I’d let you know