Zoey in the blackroom :o rip off (And a question)

Okay, first of all i riped the whole idea from another screenshot back in 2009 because i loved it… and i wanted to test my shading once again.

Ok here’s the question, where can i find the original picture ? Here’s a photo from a low resolution video, which was uploaded 8 months ago and i know it was posted on facepunch. So can anyone help me find it ? The old members gotta know something.

C&C is appreciated

Picture doesnt look too bad altough her eyes looks pretty empty.

You mean that they don’t indicate life ? Hmm…

It’s blurry.

And how can you rip-off a blackroom 1 ragdoll posing?..

I think that it’s blurry because of the noise i added, and it’s a rip off, because it’s almost identical to the picture bellow.

The shading is spot on, but the posing looks rigid and doll like