Zoey in the woods +

Zoey in the woods

A Rebel escape from City 17


Way to much grain.

In the zoey pic.

Ouch the grain.

The second picture is okay. I like the choice of weapons and the briefcase.

he must have lifted that shit off Gordon

By the god of smoothness. Why so much grain? Second pic is nice.

yeah i start think. it was to munch grain. i remake it :slight_smile:

The guy in the second pic is gonna fall over and break his neck.

Only thing I don’t like about the first picture is that her black gloves blend into the shadows.
Second picture is awesome.
Third is a cool idea but why would the shadow have red eyes?

So he has kind almost laser eyes. so then it becomes a bit red on the wall. or something. you may have a little fantasy about that very thing. it is supposed to be that Nick has become a fucking scary monster