Zoey is a man

Oh hey, my first comic with an actual title.






I’d still do him :smug:…

wait a minute.

Is filesmelt slow for anyone else? My friend says it takes ages for the image to load

Good lord. This is… wow. How did you attached that cock on Zoey? She looks good as a shemale:flashfap:

And have a fucking funny.

I used a bit of inflater tool to thin the male body and remove the upper male torso and Zoey’s legs.


Hey demon like the comic

Yes Ellis, we know.

But seriously, it’s good to know that other survivors are helping to rid the world of this impurity.

Oh my god, you are right, Zoey’s a man, and that means:
Left 4 Dead really never had a female survivor!
You sir may win the Internet!

Sweet Rochelle isn’t a man.:smug:

I cant see the NSFW picture :C

I don’t think you’d want to :ohdear:

That Zoey is a Spy

Your comic inspired the adams apple bit.

Left 4 Dead 2 too, you know ?

I can hardly even see an Adam’s apple.

Oh it’s there, it’s just a little hard to see.

Weee I can see the NSFW picture know! and I regret it!

Luckily Rochelle is still a woman, a sexy one by the way.


Thread music

And I can’t refrain from imagning Ellis sounding like Ernest from Ernest goes to camp in this comic. Probably because they are both southern.