Zoey is loosing it.

A product of cold weather outside and Sundays.


“…And now the fucking birds”

I actually smiled.

The posing is very bad. Faceposing could be better.

I kinda like the idea, tough.

Urk. I give up. I went around the gun. Not one error. Fingers where placed correctly. Holding it differently would be holding it wrong. And face is supposed to be like that. She is aiming while smoking.

But if you say so.

cant see it. maybe you should give up on shitty filesmelt instead, and make a photobucket account.

Is there any difference? Though image hosting was image hosting.

The posing isnt great. The gun is facing the wrong angle to where her hand is facing, the mid section of her body looks odd and the face posing is weird.


As for the pic, I don’t really get it. Zoey’s left leg looks weird.

Alright guys. I guess it’s back to the drawing board:)

Still can’t see why photobucket should be better than filemelt.

It isnt really better, its just that filesmelt sometimes stops working for people, so they cant see the image.

I like the joke, but the posing is a bit off. An example being her hand holding the cig. Looks like its broken…