Zoey joined the Jinrai

I got bored and had nothing better to do, I’m completely out of ideas.


C&C as usual.

Nice sword. Where’s it from?

That actually looks really good. But don’t use dev textures in your pictures. Other than that, Good job!

Jesus christ that was fast

LSK’s weapon pack

Had no better map to do it on. I was gonna start it out as a virtual reality simulation, but I digressed and did these instead

Needs more creepy-as-fuck implants on the face and shit.

What map is that?

Damn, you’re right D:

Dammit Joazzz! Why couldn’t you have piped in randomly and said “Needs moar implants” on steam! Bah, I’ll keep it in mind when i do this again.



Cyborg expert at your service. And it’s not too late to edit them in.

If you want to go right ahead. Apart from doing the poses for a few hours (These aren’t the only one I made, there’s like 7 more. They’ll never be posted though) and slaughtering npcs with random shit (10 thrusters, crappy car, instant fun) I think i got carpel tunnel.

I’ll edit them tomorrow.

Yay :smiley:

Nice motion blur by the way.

For some reason I instantly got the impression that they were in some sort of a futuristic field training virtual hall thing.
You know like those indoor training centers all special forces use.

Sweet work.

Cant see them

Cant see them too.

FileSmelt is down… again.

Edited some metallic shit on on the face in the first pic. Gonna do some more organic(and at the same time more creepy)-looking stuff on the second.



Cyborgified the second pic too.


Resistance is futile.

I’m iffy on the second one. Looks like the texture you see on little vehicles in old 3D rts games :v:

Still look good though.