Zoey making her rounds + bonuses

Mainly just me messing with the Left 4 Dead models. I haven’t produced many images with them and I want to do something new. So, something “generic” to start. Shouldn’t be a problem really, this forum’s full of it already.


"Danny and Carol"


Who’s Danny?

Danny’s a character from a spontaneous comic I was able to produce in one sitting. Just something that came to my head one day and went with it. Surprisingly, it recieved some pretty high praise and talks of a sequel are in the air but whether one is really necessary is currently stopping me from actually making it.

I love that first one.

Lighting is cool in the first one.

Really love both of them.

Fucking awesome. Are zombies faceposable?

No, strangely enough I came to find out that the zombie’s “face posing” is by bones in an animation for them.

Also I’m happy to find out that Danny found his wife. I wonder, can she read too?

I just hope that Zoey doesn’t come across them :v:

Oh, wait… Ron lost his wife, not Carol. Whoops.

Wow zombie love:) Two nice pics. Love it.

Any more of Danny?

Jim_Riley you really ought to build on that comic you linked to. Most interesting I’ve read in that genre.

That comic was awesome. I want to see the nasty nasty people come and wreck everything.

Epic 2 scren.

Sadly no.

They are both great.

That goddamn alley on dm_resistance…


First one is very realistic, what sort of blur settings you use for it, Jim?

Zoey is doing a sexywalk.

Hm, I barely remember so I’ll just be very vague :v:

Top setting I think was around the 3-4 area and the bottom setting was up there enough to have Zoey stick out pretty good.

Thanks for the replies people glad you like it. I’ll try making more L4D pictures soon.