Zoey Mania 2


A request I am working on.

Question, Can i have my own zoey skin? :3

Ask Trunten. He is the one behind these Zoey hybrids.

Lol zoeyskins.

Thank you for helping me test my “hybrids”.

You’re doing well with your ideas and poses and chose of maps.

Perhaps do a scene build like the last one after you finish this one? (They could be relaxing again like the other topic and with items and weapons.)

I like the idea of using deflator/inflator for putting a face pose-able head on nude Zoey, and it seems to work well by not having to worry about sizes since it’s a Zoey head on a Zoey body.

Since the other idea behind this was for me to have a showcase of my collection, don’t forget to add in the original Zoey.

Probably all ready know about this, but make sure the camera tool is at max 100 setting for quality, and/or that other jpeg quality thing in console.

As for actual criticism, maybe tweaking the face posing on the camo Zoey and the riot jacket Zoey because something about them makes them look very creepy and psycho. And maybe everyone should be happy… nude Zoey could be smirking or laughing… tweak that a little, something happy and cute… but not scary or sad. Be careful with eyes and mouth, remember how an earlier version showed it open too big. Try your best to continue making expressions looking realistic.

Other than that, overall it’s great… I’m probably getting too picky. I appreciate you helping me out, so thanks for that.



Ellis’s dream or nightmare?

Nightmare if they all had dildos.

If they were tazer-dildos with sharp spikes at the tip, then maybe it would be a dream for me to watch Ellis ganged up that way.

Hey Hey Hey you changed the picture!

Yep. This was better. More accurate posing. And they all look happy about the whole affair.

Ellis would either shred each or them or endure violent colon tissue tearing.

The only thing Ellis would shove up his ass is adrenaline or Francis.

Great, another thread for that guy with the Ellis avatar to bump after four months.




and MY dick :smug:


Why would Ellis shove a grain of rice in his ass?