Zoey Mania





Yep… Zoey hybrids. I posed them for Trunten. He has been mixing and experimenting with textures.

Nice, And a question… What map is it?

Why is one of them wearing a Paramore album cover?

Coach: WOOO! Yeah, BABY!

That would be http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=57687


Ask Trunten. He is responsible.

Because I liked it from another Zoey skin.

All those Zoeys are made up of different parts from other Zoey skins I was originally going to use for my personal use (but if anyone actually wants them I’m willing to share, just PM me).

If I remember correctly it was a real jacket you could get in past - official band gear from their store and other stores.

Yes, I know the purple and blond hair might be too wild, that was just a test to see how different colored hair would look with multiple colors. Might change it some time in the future if I can solve why they all get the crazy checker texture effect if i change the head and hair files, so for now I left it alone since they’re still in a workable state as is.

We might do one with Nude Zoey once we think up an idea for her… maybe this same theme again and her washing up for dinner in a lake or river or something to that affect. Was going to have her at the well but Rastifan didn’t like how that turned out.

Thanks again for doing this for me Rastifan. I really appreciate how kind you are to take up requests from a complete stranger and new member like myself. You really impressed me with your talent and skill. After having seen all your other past works, it looks like I contacted the best person. Let me know once you start the update.

What are they doing to that piggy? D:

Piggy is cold. They are giving it human warmth.

The third pic turned me on a little.

Thank you. Just as I intended. Notice her fingers pulling her shirt. At least one who has a healthy sexual lesbian imagination. I salute you sir:)

If Ellis was there, he’d either get gang-raped, or be having a blood-bath.

so… many… zoeys!!! seizure

This is the part where Butthurter and DL enter this universe and the shit hits the fan.

omfg is that heaven?

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