Zoey outside in the cold.

C&C as usual please, and you know, ideas.


Good job with the snow.

Nice snow and frost smoke.

Really loving that snow. Nice edit.

Her back and shoulders look huge and manly.

Let me make you warm, Zoey.

Nice and warm.


I liek it.

i wish Zoey were a real friend :3:

Thanks for the good comments :smile:

That’s some sexy ass snow.

The hoody makes her look like a hunchback.

Manly, hunchback eh? That’s it. Henry Townshend and Ben Wolfe does


get to warm up Zoey:black101:


where did you get that model ?

It’s zoey and a seperate model from the TnB megapack. So yeah if you guys didn’t notice to begin with I edited the clothing onto her.

sexy snow man
good editing