Zoey PlayerModel

I have seen a “Teen Angst Zoey” ragdoll on garrysmod.org and im not sure if its on valve typed bones, but my guess is that it is, because its probably a pre-existing model. If there is a possible way, can someone make it a player model? Rather than the same L4D zoey with different skins. I think it’d be interesting to see a differnt type of zoey.


She comes in two types of “Teen Angst” Types

  1. Ponytail

  2. No Ponytail, Shoulder length with bangs.

Other Thoughts

I think its pretty optimistic. Since she looks younger and upgraded.


The ragdoll is already on a skeleton. Just use model manipulator and drop the ragdoll and make it your player model. Sad thing is, the body structure is weird, she looks super muscular