zoey playing with her toys


Was expecting something else :smug:

…let’s not stand out.

Me too… :smug:

And there I started fapping for no reason:rant:

You are standing out rastifan.

Needs more sarcasm



I was expecting this because I knew that people would be expecting it and you would be smart and knew people wouldn’t be expecting this so you did this instead of what was expected but I am smart and realized this so I expected it. :smug:


I was expecting guns or dildos.

[sp]Or both[/sp]

I was expecting something beyond our imagination.

I was expecting the unexpected

If it was something you thought it was…
Wouldn’t it have the little NSFW sign?

I was expecting Zoey to be playing with transformer toys.

Everyone thought that this had a little bit of perverted content?, woe is me.

Was expecting guns. :ohdear:

lol sarcasm at its finest

Totally makes me think of a picture I’ve wanted to do for a long time. A picture I’ve tried doing several times. A picture that has never come out the way I wanted it to. sadface

Oh well, I really enjoy this picture

Was expecting a perfectly SFW image of zoey and toys.

Oh wait…