Zoey Pool Edit

Original! http://uppix.net/9/d/4/ca6cf29a0ec37f27dd4b0262d1db2.jpg

Try this on for an edit. Drawn by mouse in Gimp.

Anyone remember the cool ass mirror on Gmod12? A lot of neat stuff was left in the dust after the “major update”.
Some of it has been remade, but the mirror is still missing. Never found it on Workshop.

I guess this is my way of saying! Please remake it someone.

I love your poses. My favourite poser of girls. :3

Thanks. Not often I get that here^^

why is her bikini made of tinfoil?

Other then that a solid edit job, posing, and framing. If you only did even a little more… well for lack of a better word, mainstream… work you’d be a top level gmod poser. I’m not saying it has to have guns and soldiers, just less T&A.

Urk I know! Don’t remind me of it. You know when you do a reskin and it looks good there and then, but later you come to regret the choice. This was the case here.
Would have re made it with a more sensible bikini skin if the mirror was still around. Without it I am looking at a edit session from hell.

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I don’t approve of the term Gmod poser. I like 3D poser better. Compared to the other 3D platform packages out there, Gmod is sadly lacking on so many issues.
But still, I have manage to get comments like “Dude is this Poser 7 or 3D Max”. Which proves two things. (a) They have no fucking idea what they are talking about or (b) I am better that I give my self credit for.
Most likely a^^

But anyway. Thanks for the creed. Much appreciated.

Looks pretty good. Frankly, I’m usually not your kind of audience - nothing wrong with your more risqué works, mind you, I’m just not really into it -, but this picture is pretty great (and, like Lt_C put it, “mainstream”).

Also, you like “GMod poser” as much as I like “GMod comic maker”, but it’s the labels we’re given thanks to our tools of choice. Such is life on the Internet.

Yea I know. Still, would have been nice to be judged by the quality of your work rather than the tool you use.

The skin tone of her body doesn’t really match her face that much. Her face is a little to pink compared to the rest of her body. Might have been nice to touch that up in post.
Also the mirror effect is nice, but perhaps could have used a little more distortion to distinguish itself as water a little better. I don’t know about others, but it took a few seconds for my eyes to figure out that it was supposed to be water.

Also, how could you pass up the opportunity to make her body dripping water? Considering you’re other poses I would have figured that would have been the first thing you did. She looks like she doesn’t want to get wet, but she’s already in the pool.

And interesting place to set up a pool. Can’t say I’ve seen that many pools in the middle of the swamp. To me, it looks rather gloomy. I don’t know if that’s what you were trying to go for and if it was, I personally don’t understand why. It doesn’t really work to contrast with Zoey’s figure considering the aesthetic elements that work to make an environment pleasing to look at don’t necessarily work on human figures.

I’m just nit-picking though. You’re work is good as always, but for years you’ve been on the fringe between “good” and “great” and I’d like to see you cross that gap into great territory.

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I should also perhaps mention the finger posing. When I see images like this, it never quite feels like the model is touching itself, but rather like the hand was just placed near itself. I know it’s hard in gmod, but try to make the finger posing look more as if she’s touching herself rather then awkwardly stroking her skin.

If you want to make risque stuff, you should make sure imho that the parts that make it are top notch. as it is, the model is pretty bad. The bikini looks like it’s made out of plaster. Both on how it’s on her (hard edges that are clearly not taut) as well how it looks like.

Her neck is ultra long as well. As to the rest of the picture. The colours and exposition are kind out of whack in places. It looks like you almost took two different pictures, with completely different light and saturation levels and mixed them. A lot of the light seems to be completely without a source - like the light on the plants, that’s completely not affecting the woman at all. And conversely light on her coming from the back, without any shadows from the vegetation line.

Honeslty the pose and framing of the picture is good. It’s just all the other stuff that’s lacking. If I were you, I’d honestly try something else than semi naked ladies just to practice with different lightning methods and materials.
Not saying guns, but smaller scenes with more targets with more non-reflective clothing. A part of your problem also stem from using these really bad kitbashed models which in itself don’t end up looking good.

Wow a pose from yours that I don’t dislike.

Not the best, but definitely better.

This is a nice picture man. I’ll give ya a pallet

Hey you actually followed my lighting tips.

Now what am I supposed to bitch about?

You’d be far better at posing if you didn’t just desaturate + softglow everything. This is proof of that.

Way too round of elbows, would def not bang. But yeah good pose, where may i acquire this model?

Here http://rastifan.deviantart.com/art/LordAardvark-s-Zoey-With-Juliet-Outfit-For-GMod-346280953
A updated Zoey with the Juliet Starling outfit and shit loads more including a red and pink bikini.

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I used the Death Sentence champaign map from L4D2 that Evil Ash ported to Gmod.


but your lighting sucks too

I have to say this. Stop being assumptious. I don’t remember any “tips” from you. And this was made in Gmod 12 when the mirror was available on Toybox.
If you bothered to read the Op you would know this. The pose was made before I even heard from you. I am with pvt.jenkins here. You are in no position to give
advice before you sort out your own light work. I am still struggling with mine. Learn some humility and don’t assume you are the reason for my half decent poses here.

I think he was joking. I could be wrong.

Isn’t this screenshot from like two years ago?

I really don’t know, why you don’t like the Rastifan’s work. He is really nice at poses etc. Maybe even the best.