Zoey posing with a Mini Ruger-14, Pin-Up Style (well, sort of ...)

Howdy Fools … ah, I mean Folks :clint:

'Been a while since I posted something decent in here.
Was kind of busy in the Czech Republic but now I’m back home and have slightly more time to do new projects. (I have almost finished a small TF2/G-Mod Video :dance: )

Anyway, here’s my newest piece of s#!t. It’s based on one of my contribution for the SPMt.
It turned out so well, I just had to re-do it “SFW” with a few more changes. :biggrin:



Just a tiny scenebuild, I did when I got bored.


Both of 'em were my heaviest edits so far.
What do you people think about this crap ?

Post your comments about the pics, my editing performance, anything you like to share. :biggrin:

Thank you and Enjoy. :love:

The rain is not good actually and Zoey looks as she is made out of plastic.

The rain’s alright, and she looks like she’s made out of bone and flesh.


wait what the fuck

where the fuck is the actual scene BUILD in that second picture?

*Ruger Mini-14

The editing is pretty nice in both of them, but the second picture has no AA. Zoey’s Posing is abit off balanced looking; like she’s about to fall forward. Her torso should lean back more and her stomach should be tucked in.

Ignore GTAnoofa. It’s incredible! Well done.

Second pic needs AA though.

Finger and feet posing is flawless. Cam angle is spot on in my opinion. Love the lights as well. Rain is ok.

Second picture not so much.

What did you build lol

Camera Angle is wasting too much space. Zoom in more next time.

how did you bend her feet?

There is this trick where you easy weld a very small object to a limb. After youve done this you can rotate it in any direction. Quite hard but effective!

The second picture is a screencap of Half-Life 2 (Route Kanal specifically) with fog edited in. :geno:

The raining and shading are okay. Don’t really know what to make of this picture. It’s just… okay I guess.

the first one is excellent but second one it just editing and a good photo angle

Ah Blackjack. You and your rambles :smiley:

Good pictures man, although you could of added a bit more to your scenebuild (What you added already I have little clue :v:)

Would like to see moar of this for you.

but the feet aren’t bendable
i mean the tip of the feet

Wow now where you are pointing it out. I totally have no idea.

The toes aren’t bendable?

Bollocks they are, try it.

I believe there was a toe pose somewhere on the internet.

well,i just checked and nope,toes aren’t posable for me…