Zoey relaxing in a meadow. [scenebuild]


Nothing out of game.

Its gonna hurt.


ooooh, great scenebuild
lots of wasted space though


May someone tell me what is going on? :v:

Good scene build though, though some of the flower textures look a bit low res.

Posing could be better. But good job other wise

Bloom, or whatever is making it look weird, is bad. But the rest is good.

I liked wasted space though…and no bloom.

The grass gets in the way too much and the coloured bloom isn’t very appealing.

Yeow. Images of unicorns and care bears fills my gray matter. Nice but the blur ruins it a bit.

There is no bloom, the only thing I can think of people talking about is the three lamps on Zoey’s face to make it seem like she’s in the sun. Noted on the grass though.

She should have her eyes closed, kind of looks like she’s insane or dead.

Well those flowers must be glowing for some reason.

I can just imagine something metal and heavy dropping on here right about now.

Probably the lights I have shining on her face.