Zoey Retreats from the Tank

Run like hell: Y/N?


To dark to really see what is going on.

Run or shoot…?




Would try to make it brighter from in-game but it didn’t look good. But that may just have been me getting blinded by the purple and black checkers all over the map.

Pretty sweet faceposing and posing, but it’s a little dark.

This is the only brighter version I have, which was taken on a shitty camera angle.


good posing. :golfclap:

Added edited “lighter” version of the pic.

That gas tank can’t save you now zoey… Give up.

If only she had fire.

hay butthurt wher have you ben all my life

wait a sec is that a l4d2 map

The camera angle really makes him look closer.

WeiBes Rose, is that you?


if x=tank then print ('RUN LIKE HELL')
else print ('Kill all sons of bitches.');

Nice posing. Get an artistic.

Yes it is a L4d2 map, we both found it on a russian site.

It’s from a half life 2 beta Russian community site “Numb nuts” but yea its a l4d2 demo map also i gave him it.

“Hurry up Zoey, where’s the fuel for the choppa!”

Its good but i wouldn’t carry that if i was her