Zoey sensing trouble

FUCK its not showing up HOLD PLEASE.


Hairfap editing:


Fucking badass editing!! Love it
[sp]but she looks like michael jackson in the face! :O[/sp]

Oh please, she has a gun. Why is she afraid?
The blue eyes on mud-ridden face makes her look crazy. Nice work on this.

[sp]I thought she looked more like that tyranny Megan Fox[/sp]

I was expecting the 3 boys with pedo faces and a huge dildo, oh well.
This is better.

Thanks alot of time went into it.



She looks like a zombie already :smiley:

Still looks nice

The dustmotes kinda ruin it. Otherwise, good one.

Yeah nothing i could do about it when i set it up part of the map but thanks!

Also just finished this whatcha guys think?


^^5th version


The texturing on the jacket and shirt is very nice, but the head leaves something to be desired. The hair has little to no depth, you can still see some of the original hair, and her actual face has very little texture compared to the jacket. The shading and eyes are also sub par in my personal opinion.

go look at the 2nd version lol

Wait fuck my monitor is so dark i didnt catch the left hand side of it FUCK fixing now lol

Eyes ruin it IMO

But great work nonetheless

The face, hair, and eyes still seem very untouched compared to the clothing.

I tried making your hair a little less flat


looks way too out of place.


yeah Chesty is right i think we over did it i like this one way more now ^^

The hair is getting worse every damn time.

ALSO Get the Custom skin HERE


Thanks everyone for your thoughts this was my first attempt at hair editing i got little crazy with it sorry about that but thanks again!