Zoey shot down, burnt and beaten to death by sadists


Well yeah, was in a crazy mud.

Nice guys.

The way the rain is all in different directions is odd and the watermark is kinda irritating.

nice edit, but yeah the rain is wierd

That’s not nice :saddowns:

yeah butthurter is obviously not there why ?

:frown: poor zoey

That is 'effin disgusting :saddowns:

That’s both awesome and equally disturbing


It is a bit dark, and disguisting. Well, i am not sure if i can call it artistic.

Rated Heart

Rate me heart because this picture is about nice people doing nice things.

Reminds me of an episode of CSI: las vegas where there are people roaming the streets beating the living shit they come across.

unrealistic. zoey wouldn’t be the first to receive a beat down.

Ellis is the first.

no, Rochelle

Ok I only need to get hold of the model with the bat, and I will make sure Zoey gets her revenge. Kids go home. This is going to be brutal.

wow thats messed up.

I like the posing.


Seeing Zoey’s crusty face made my day :v:

Oh, you. :v: