Zoey standing infront of a sign while Francis is in a car behind her at night.








Combo breaker???


The fuck is this ???


I don’t know what you were trying to achieve but its probably horrible again

The hair in the first pic is seriously and infinitely, fucked.

I’m trying to achieve nothing.

Actually, I am trying to achieve Butthurters status.


Light always does that to Zoey for some reason.



I will not take any fucking spaces between my question marks!


What is this shit?! I mean, What the hell is this about?

No use in demanding boxes in the OP, you get boxes anyway

Oh god…it happened to mine!


I care about your post. I will cherish it forever and a little box I have dedicated to bad trolls.


Read the title and you shall understand.



The answer to that math problem is clearly


Is there any effort left in you?