Zoey Stokes (First Head Swap)

A couple days ago I saw a picture where a user put Zoey’s head onto Sgt. Stokes’ body from F.E.A.R. 2. I had the same idea for a long time but never really went through with it. Now, with the renewed confidence I now bear, I decided to take a shot at head swapping. I started off simple and put it my ‘style’ to it and thus Zoey Stokes is born. I was going to do Rochelle’s head for the sake of not ‘stealing’ the idea and originality, but the coloration thing was not something I looked forward to on a first try.

I think it’s a pretty good job, though simple; but I want to hear what you think.


I may do more in the future with other characters and shit.

I even like it so much I made an avatar of it. :dance:

I love a woman in a military uniform :smug:

Pretty nice for a first. :buddy:

oh my god I inspired something, haha

Awesome job man, so much better then mine, I just wish someone would actually make that damn headhack already.

Really damn good job, it does look like the body is hers.

Ah, sorry for forgetting who to thank.

If a head hack is in the works I look forward to it. Plus, I hope it has better ragdoll than Stokes’.

which one are you using? the player model version from gmod.org had an awful phys model, there’s another one in a slow model pack that had a pretty good one though.

She can so arrest me. Nice work.

This really fit as a model hack. gotta find a way to fix the face pose when head hacking from l4d



I believe I got this directly from S-Low’s site. But it could be the pack too.

This looks really good. Did you only use the inflator(and photoshop of course)? How did you do it?

I took two pictures (one without Zoey’s or Stokes’ head and one with Zoey’s head (in place of Stokes’ head)). I took the head from the picture that had one and stuck it on the other. When it was in the correct position I erased the excess and bingo. More or less.

Without head:

With head:

Cool! Make a headhack! :smug:

I see now that you mention it. There’s a tiny tiny tiny bit of red at the bottom left of zoey’s neck.

I read Zoey strokes.

I am dissapointed. But this is good too.


Well they are both played by the same voice actor!

Lol, Zoey strokes (first head).

Ok now i’m just being silly.

Now, I’m fairly certain that this wasn’t that much of an effort for you to complie this but still, it’s an awesome work in it’s on kind of ironic fact.

Both share a certain resemblence in their faces and also share the same Voice Actress (Jen Taylor).
Also both characters share a certain development in their characteristics.

To sum it up:

Hey, BlackJack, you’re not around much anymore are you?