Zoey The Hunter

My god in heaven. What is this? A non nude pose by the sex crazed Rastifan. The world is coming to an end.
This was a request. The next request I got after this was Coach jumping the spitter. People are sick:smug:
The lights and the pole on the right where made in Gimp. Was black and empty. Took Butthurter’s advise on that issue

I bet that Zoe just ripped her pants where, from this perspective, we can’t see it :haw:
also, looks like my old comics :biggrin:

That made me laugh XD
Good lighting even rain of map looks unrealistic, but I like your idea.

Zoey: The Raper :3

Rain drops was on the map. Did not bother to remove it. Was just for the humor of it. Not a serious pose as such.
Used the Urban necro map.

Oh wow, this made me lol! xD Nice job!

Thanks. One aim to please:smile:

(Lord what a hangover)

It’s nice having a woman on you with her hands all over your body until you realise this one has a penis…

then it gets better :smug:

Yes the fat bulge in her/his pants does give it away doesn’t it:keke: