Zoey the Vampire.


New edit. Paler skin and long red nails.

O.O Scary Zoey is scary…weird stretching on the clothes but it made me laugh…

Zoey looks like an innocent little girl compared to that fake factory model.

I though since it was a Fakefactory model, she bloody deserved it.

nothing is gonna feel the same when i fight among her… for ever… and ever… nice pic by the way i like the way her eyes look

Her clothes are tearing from Zoeyrella’s grip:drac:

you should put something to fill that mouth :wink:

If you think what I think you think, please find a man who is willing to put his meat in there:3:

Oh yeah, here we go again. Why do people automaticly hate the work of a person they dislike?

I never disliked Fakefactory. Don’t know the guy. I am talking about some of his models. And I used one didn’t I? Some got good skin texture.
Others have hands and clothes that are just plain ridicules. It is called an opinion.

Well, sounded different to me. But whatever^^

No worries.

i would have make her nails longer and black,and her skin more pale though

Agreed. I really should have. Will think about it. I hate isolation work:smile:

yup,exactly what i had in mind :bravo:

Sexy :smug:

not sparkly enough.

Sparkly? Please don’t tell me you are referring to Twilight?