Zoey Thinking Ona Sub

Took about 2 hours.

My first G-mod into real life. Gimp btw.

needs shadows

^ What he said.


Also, she somehow doesn’t fit in.
Photo = Photorealistic “graphics”.
L4D = Game with… Not-so-realistic graphics…

I think you need to do some dogding and burning to make her fit into the envoronment

yeah right after i posted i realized i had forgoten to put shadows in. :confused:

No shadows= ruins the pic
Because it doesnt look real!
But nice try :smiley:

She looks like a chicken…

Like everyone said shadows. ALso is that Toronto’s Subway train?

Hmm, im not sure. Sorry.

Nice try but yeah dodging and burning helps mate.

The head looks badly posed anyway

Was not bad until I looked down at her feet.