Zoey walking through an alley.


Really starting to like the Zoey model. Everything in game.

Ehm…to dark.

It’s dangerous to walk in dark alleyways at night, little girl…you could get raped.


I agree, where’s the rape?

Night times dark.


I’m not butthurter :3


See above

Cant believe im saying this in one of your threads but…
Nice work

I think hell just froze.

It was a lie, so God killed a kitten instead.

No if Id had the chance to troll I would troll.
This is not that bad.

<— Chilla Garfield has spoken

Cool. Dog’s are better.

wow yeah i really like that brick texture in the corner

She appears to be standing.

Nice shadow.

You appear to not be looking correctly.



  • Jpeg quality is low
  • Picture is boring
  • She doesn’t look like she is moving
  • The wall textures are UGLY
  • Did I mention the picture is boring?

Yeah in the second line.

Way to be an ass, how about you stop being one and give some suggestions?

As for the picture, its pretty decent. Though it could use a hunter being behind her

Lol, aha I know.
It’s a decent picture. I mean not every picture have to be non generic for it to be a good pic.
Just keep up the good work man.