Zoey walking up a flight of stairs



-I <3 Zoey.
-Vertical pictures are the new horizontal. :smug:
-I did this when I did the Final Stand picture
-It’d be cool if there was a model of her without her jacket on.
-Why does she have a gun? Well you would too since two years prior to this she found Karimatrix in her house.
-What happened to Kari? Nobody knows 0.0
-I like her jeans.
-She has white stains on her pants. I swear they weren’t from me.
-Louis was about to ruin the picture until I kicked him down the stairs.
-I may have gotten a shot of it.
-I’ll check tonight or after my homework.
-I can’t wait to be posing the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors :v:
-Especially Nick. :q:
-And Rochelle
-Plus Ellies
-Who could forget Coach?

I spared her… because she was weak…

Good posing, not that interesting.

It looks like she’s pulling the trigger.

Not a very interesting picture, but there is a lot of emotion in it.

Hand, face and body posing is good. A bit boring but gives a palette for quality.

No Zoey ass shots. :frown: Nice posing.

Danke all.

Aww man, I was hoping it would be an obese Zoey having problems trying to walk some stairs :saddowns:.

Guys. The title is ‘Zoey walking up a flight of stairs’ how thrilling and riveting did you expect it to be? :v:

Overall good posing, but I’d like to see her walk down a flight of stairs. It would make it more believable.

Walking up stairs is unbelievable, but walking down stairs is believable?

Mind = Blown