Zoey with Rochelle's shirt?

A few times I’ve seen a Zoey model/skin posed in some pictures which is the original default normal Zoey but she’s wearing Rochelle’s shirt.

I’ve asked about it, had it explained a few times, but sounds to me like you have to add some extra stuff into Garry’s Mod just to get it to work.

I’m not really against this, however, for just one model/skin I’d prefer having it as just a regular model/skin I could use as a rag doll like any other rag doll.

My request is since it appears to work fine with that method, could someone just simply take enough of Rochelle’s shirt and use it for Zoey’s shirt (with the Depeche Mode logo showing).

Preferably hex edited because that seems to be the acceptable trend for models and skins.

I plan to use my own head and hair and iris files for her, so I guess I’d just need the color.vtf file made.

An example of what I’m talking about, from Rastifan, using additional tools in Garry’s Mod to create her:


-snip for oldness-

Thanks for helping me out! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I’ll go have her hex edited by that Jason/Holmes guy and add the link in case people want her separately.

You know, I found this suprisingly fun. I might try some more out if I get some ideas or requests.

I noticed the part of her shirt that sticks out from underneath her jacket is still white.

Can you make her entire shirt the pink color it’s supposed to be like Rochelle’s shirt?

Also I noticed something with the logo seems a bit off; perhaps not the same position or size as Rochelle’s.

Here’s how she looks using the way people used to do this in the past:


This is how yours looks:


Notice the differences on the logo and the part of the shirt hanging out from her jacket.

But thanks for making this for me anyway, I still very much enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Maybe she has a longer white shirt underneath

Done, I can not believe I didn’t notice that. Anyways looks better now, thanks for pointing it out. About the logo, I did resize it slightly to fit the jacket correctly. It is only marginally resized, though.



That looks much better, thank you for fixing and updating her. :slight_smile: