Zoey's Addons problem

So i recently found Zoey’s addons on youtube (in a pack of some sort) and i only placed in 2 things which were the Simple Mantle and Screen Blood.
Ingame, i tried to mantle and i got this error which i have no idea what it means and the blood doesn’t go on my screen too.

LUA Error from Simple Mantle:

what’s line 68

What do you mean? o.O

If you mean line 68 (In Notepad++)
it has this:

I dont know anything about LUA Scripting…

table.Random being nil?

There’s no way I’m reading that right…

i don’t know anything about LUA and stuff…
Most of my addons always say something like ‘Random’ (a nil value)’
like… WAC for example (i got it through SVN)
and yeah.

So… what do i do? o.O

What in the hay is going on here.

I suggest you start by doing the following:

  1. Move addons to somewhere convenient, such as the desktop.
  2. Start Gmod, new game.
  3. In console: lua_run print(table.Random({1,2,3,4,5}))
  4. If error, do this: Go to steamapps/yourusername/garrysmod/garrysmod/lua. Search every file in this folder, for the keyword ‘table’. Make sure there are no references that indicate the global table variable is being overwritten. (table = blahblah, table.Random = blahblah, etc.) If any are found, provide info on files here.
  5. If no such lines found, delete garrysmod folder (located in program files/steam/steamapps/yourusername/) (POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE: Delete lua folder. May not be the source of error, but it beats having to redownload content you got from your favorite servers)
  6. Restart gmod, new game, repeat 3.
  7. If it works, read on. If not, something’s screwed up BAD.
  8. Reinstall addons, run gmod again, new game.
  9. Repeat 3.
  10. If error, remove addons, and add them back one at a time, running gmod and trying that lua_run command each time.
  11. When offending addon is found, provide us with info.

If you’re feeling like a challenge while waiting for gmod to be fixed, you can try searching every .lua file in addons folder and garrysmod/lua, for any line of code that appears to overwrite table or table.Random.

Since my PC is slow and all… do you think Stargate is the cause? or WAC?

I think that maybe you could contact the make of the addon. Dumb yes, but it has helped me in the past.

Zoey no longer supporters there addons.

Post the content of SimpleMantle_SV.lua in here, make sure to use LUA tags.
We can try to help from that.

um… What’s an LUA tag? Ima noob so yeah… all i know is download addon and install :3

Is that it? o.O