Zoey's addons

Does anybody know if there anywhere on the internet at all?

and obviously he or she is making new stuff…

does anyone have his or her downloads that they can send me?


4 letters


Seriously. After what she had to go through, people are still being dicks about her gender. Now we’re all like “Okai. We sureh. Gaev us mod”.

What is going through Zoey’s head?:

No, Nada, Zilch, Zip, Jack Squat, Nien, Non with a touch of fuck you all

She has the right mind to distance herself. You are just waiting to pounce on her when she gives up.

We messed with the hand that fed us the good bits, and we’re paying for it.

(Place an assload more of idioms here, conclude with extra suck-up note)

Enjoy ^^

Welp, that’s what happens when you ragequit and delete everything, it gets re-uploaded.

Thanks baby, maybe when I get some time I’ll recode some of her video lua codes and release them.

A hacker deleted her stuff. She didn’t do it herself.

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This, completely. It says a lot about the community on how easily you change your opinion on someone whenever they have something you want.

My freind sent me 45 Of zoeys addons o.o herpaderp

Thanks for that pointless necrobump there.


We need coders that can beat zoey at lua. We don’t need zoey anymore as much as I miss his/her addons.

I will refer to Zoey as a guy. Because if someone can’t prove they’re a girl on the internet, they most likely are not. I guess that’s a dick thing to do though…

You know, I don’t think Zoey would even care about the insults and gender ambiguity if people didn’t decide to be retarded and hack Zoey’s account and delete everything over it

I refer to it as it because of the uncertainty.

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Much like google + except they incorrectly use “they”

I wouldn’t have a problem with Zoey if he/she didn’t go waving his/her shit around saying “Look at these addons you can’t have them!”

It’s quite childish, although he/she may think it’s getting his/her revenge, but in truth no one gives a fuck about his/her addons.

Well, Nobody asked for you, nor anyone else to go on Hers YouTube channel and see whatever New she have done!

aswell, noone gives a fuck about her addons anymore? well, i guess you can just look at this thread, And At every single Other threads that come up here quite often asking about her addons.

Some people may care, some people may not. He caused a ton of drama and ruined/changed his image, big whoop. Get over it, some of his addons have been linked in his thread earlier, download them there.

Her* aswell, what the hell do you mean by drama?
and who said i alredy dont have Her addons?

Are you sure that it was a hacker? Are you sure that, maybe, Zoey got frustrated and deleted all his addons in a fit and tried to quit Garry’s Mod, and after a few days of thinking, he came up with this small little plan so that he could still play Garry’s Mod, isolate himself from facepunch, and work on addons, then after posting the videos and lurking on facepunch she started caving in and going to WAYWO and posting her stuff until she got flamed again?

Maybe she did have surgery to replace almost all her body parts with mechanical parts, maybe she does have the ability to be resurrected from the dead like Jesus, and maybe, just maybe, she had her addons deleted by a Hacker. All of those things have the same chance of happening.

fuck me I did it again didn’t I? I bumped another zoey thread.