Zoey's Evil Eyes.

Waddaya think?

Nice. Reminds me of this.


Christ it looked like him:) Didn’t realize:biggrin:


Opening the page I didn’t expect “IN YOUR FACE ACTION ZOEY”


Looks more worried than evil but cool tho.

That was unexpected.

Those eyes looks like plastic. : |
It’s not really scary.

I say that’s pretty creepy.
Like a lot.

My god man what have you done to Zoey :gonk:

I have made her… beautiful:zombie:

idk…for some reason she seems…drugged? Her mouth makes her seem that way, though I like the eyes!


Truth be told, I couldn’t decide how her mouth or eyes should be. I tried angry, mad happy and so on. A somewhat slightly emotional expression worked best with the editing I felt.

weep <:3

You should have given her a rape face.

No good. Zoey is to cute for a rape face. She will just look hot.

Woah, she looks like one menacing bi*** with that lighting and facial expression. I really feel as if she isn’t cute after all but a vicous little ****er who will bite off my head and drink my the gushing blood as she… does a Duke Nukem on me.

reminds me of gman for some reason?

Looks like JLea’s avatar :v: