Zoey's FunTimes With All The Guys

Bet you are expecting something different huh? No. If it would, it would be in the SPM. Anyway, this is my first pose ever with some photoshop effect. Not as impressive as I thought so maybe I would ask you guys (the veterans) here for some C&C. So what do you think?







Her arms look way too thin in the first one - not sure whether that’s just the angle, or what.


Also, chocolate helicopters.

I liked it! The idea is nice and the posing looks fine.
Have a funny mate.

Daaaaw. :3:

I can’t decide whether to rate Palette, Laughy Emote, or Heart.


bill is awful dark though D:

Not bad. Posing is decent. Laughed at the last pic. Contrast a bit heavy here and there.

Buuuut have a funnie.

Some of those pictures are just awesome. Have a heart.

That is really nice, I like it!

Thank you so much. Just trying some new photoshop tricks. :slight_smile:

Maybe, maybe its just me and my damaged eyes but the colors seem very strange to me.
1.Picture: Yellow everywhere?
2.Picture: Pretty pink
3.Picture: Everythings green
4.Picture: Normal IMO
5.Picture: Again everywhere green
6.Picture: Green again.

And massive Grain in every picture.
Meh Faceposing is lil overdone IMO and yeah the colors.

Nah,just something I wanted to try out. This is my first time. And I just wanted to make the surroundings a little…atmospheric?
But thanks for the comment. I’ll try to improve it.

Actually its like this:
1.Picture: Cyan
2.Picture: Blue
3.Picture: Emerald
4.Picture: Warming Effect
5.Picture: Same with some Reddish effect
6.Picture: Violet

Just added some minor noise so it doesn’t look plain. But I know adding too much could ruin the picture so I set it quite low about 2.5 uniform.

Well than its me. Just dont use that much blur.

I lol’d at the one with Louis.

I think the OP Is colorblind and when it’s like this it’s better for him

Light hearted and well executed. You could just imagine seeing the penultimate one on her Facebook profile or something.

I like it.

oh and erm, where did you get Nick’s shades and the glasses?

Cool ! But where did u get the l4d 2 survivors?

I lol’d at the last one, the one with Bill is nice too!

Her arm looks like the charger’s in the picture. What the hell happened there? Good poses nonetheless, some of the hand gestures look a bit awkward, but still good.

What a whore she is. Damn.

If I am not mistaken, I think it’s from here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=20704


You can find it at garrysmod.org .I had forgotten the link but i think it shouldn’t be too hard too find it cause it’s still new.


Thank you, maybe that’s because during in-game my friends used to say he’s a horny-crazy ultimate grampa so I came out with this idea :wink: