Zoeys Insurgency Weapons Reborn 2010

Insurgency Weapons Reborn 2010

Was Super bored, So i decided to redo my old insurgency weapons with performance fixes and stuff.



Recent SVN News:

Insurgency 2010 LUA Update 1.24

Added the insurgency icons for hud selections.
Added the insurgency icons for kills.
Added the spawn icons.

Oh hey look, the 100th respository mark ^^

Be sure to copy the new scripts folder into your main garrysmod category aswell.

Click SVN Checkout, Checkout using this url…




Sadly gmod.org is being a peice of shit, So i had to upload to solid files.[/release]


Insurgency 2010 Reborn Expansion Pack WARNING: (THE WAY THIS SHOULD BE DONE HAS CHANGED)

Create a new folder in your addons called, Zoeys Insurgency Weapons Expansion Pack

Right click it and checkout using this url…



Recent Expansion News:

Added the G36C from the 2009 pack.[/release]

[release]Replaces the nasty chocolate chip style insurgency sleeves with a woodland style one.

Basically requested by Lite :3 because this is from my old insurgency pack, He pretty much wanted it in the 2010 one aswell.


Main Changes from the old:

No NWBools or NWInts.
Only UMSGS are used for important things.
Ammo limits.
Working M203.
Scripted sounds instead of raw sounds.
Shell Effect.
Working World models.
Scopes no longer fuck up the hl2 hud.
Ability to change scope zoom factor.

Features that are still here:

Ghost Reloading.
Empty/Full Reloads.
Deployable MG’s.
RT Scoped Weapons.

Whats in this pack:

All the weapons from Insurgency

Anyone who has insurgency mounted into gmod with GM_MOUNT2, can use these even if a server has them installed.

The pack has the mats and models from the insurgency mod for the weapons, Just for less complications.

So what are the main controls?

USE + PRIMARY is mainly alternate stance, Like deployables of the M203 and LMG’s
USE + SECONDARY is mainly fire mode switching.
RELOAD while zooming with a sniper rifle will cause you to change the zoom factor.
SECONDARY is mainly ironsights, But on grenades it make you roll them
RELOAD while hauling back a grenade, Makes you cook it, The counter is 4 seconds long, so make sure to count down when to throw it.


Pack contains code by me made from scratch, and models/materials made by Team insurgency.

Dont copy, dont redistribute, blah blah blah.

New Sniper Mechanic:

Awesome :3:

Nice improvements from the original revamp.


Wow Wizey, just wow. I thought you were against making crappy weapon packs? Mad cows is actually better than this.

How is Mad Cow’s better than this? This has plenty of decent features, I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

My point is is that he needs to stop mocking people for making “another bad-quality upload that is just another pack of guns that shoot bullets” when he makes the exact same thing, a pack of weapons that shoot bullets. Just take a look at the last 2-3 pages of the mad cow weapons thread. He won’t shut up about how everyone should let it die and abandon the “crappy” pack that consists of THE MOST USED WEAPONS BASE IN GMOD.

Oh god, it’s not important Trooper. You guys are not civilized. Her code is better coded than mine. It’s a chance if my weapons are popular.



None the less downloading because i love insurgency

That doesn’t explain how Worshipper’s pack is better than this, but whatever

Hurray for rage? :v:


Sadly your wrong…

Im not saying these are amazing, im not one to judge my own work sure, But having an ironsight system that reduces recoil and many other mechanics, Like a mountable m249 or the usable m203 on the bottom of the m16a4. Those are probly things you CEASED to find out or use since you blatently just came in here and failed to even try it before critizing it.

Ide like to also mention the cooking grenades by pressing reload, Was done in my First INS Pack before anyone else i think… im not sure. But theres also the M203 Grenade being a dud, if fired to close to something.

-snip- cause no one can take a fuckin joke.

Im sure your mother loves your sense of accomplishment through anger managment.

why yes. yes she does… im just here to stalk I, I mean annoy you in any way possible… great sweps BTW cant wait for garrys to fix gmod problems

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IT WAS A JOKE!! let it friggin go.

Trying to joke in such a manner, Is not a joke. Your just looking for an easy way out.

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